Isaac Lamb

Vengeful leader of the Regulators


Isaac Lamb is the present leader of the Regulators.

He rose from obscurity to lead the Regulators after the death of Sonora Cruz. He lead Bravo team in the Battle for Megaton.

His leadership style builds off of the idea of the Regulators as an organised armed force that Cruz established during the battle. He is seen as the unofficial President of the Wastes, since he gets the final word on all the transportation of goods and security and his organization has a political and military presence in every major Wasteland settlement.

After initially seeking the Crimson Cavaliers for aid, he has turned against them after they tricked the Regulators into giving them men to aid against Content Not Found: jack-the-knife. He has ordered that they be shot on sight should any of his men come across them, branding them as traitors to the good and stability of D.C.

Isaac Lamb

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