Lucas Simms

Former mayor and sheriff of Megaton


Simms was born in 2236. He grew up in Megaton and understood better than anyone what it takes to survive and thrive in the wasteland. Big and imposing yet warm and friendly, Lucas won his position by a unanimous vote of the people of Megaton (most of whom genuinely loved the guy). He served as mayor, sheriff, judge, and just about any other position that was needed. It was also no secret around Megaton that Lucas Simms was fulfilling some weird childhood cowboy fantasy. He named his son Harden after the Old West outlaw John Wesley Harden. Simms was also a member of a secret society known only as “the Regulators.”

In 2270, he was forced to exile the Crimson Cavaliers from Megaton after two of its members murdered Colin Moriarty. He swore that if they were seen near the town again, they would be killed.

In 2271, he was killed in the Battle for Megaton. He challenged Skylark to one-on-one combat, but was soundly beaten by the former Cavalier in front of his son, Harden. His body was then hung from the rafters of Gob’s Saloon.

Lucas Simms

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