Sonora Cruz

Deceased leader of the Regulators


Sonora Cruz was the leader of the Regulators in the Capital Wasteland from its inception in 2267 up until her death in 2271.

Born in 2242, she set up the secret society of the Regulators in 2267 at the age of 25. At around the same time, the Talon Company came into prominence, and Cruz’s benefactors encouraged her to target their operations against the new threat to Wasteland stability.

In January 2271, the Talon Company attacked and took over Megaton, led by a mysterious supersoldier. Against the original setup of the Regulators as a secret society, she decided to contact all known Regulators to form an army to take the town back. Cruz herself led Alpha team, which went straight to Moriarty’s Saloon to take on the supersoldier directly. Inside the Saloon, she was confronted with the horrible truth: all the inhabitants of the bar had been slaughtered, with Lucas Simms hung from the rafters. Cruz and her team were quickly gunned down by the mercenaries. The supersoldier crushed her throat in his hand and hung her beside Simms before backup could arrive.

Sonora Cruz

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