Nocturne – The first adventure. The party is assembled, a new organisation is gaining power and the last nuke in the Wastes is fired.

New America – Johhny dies, Lars goes missing, Russell, John and Charles join the team, the Enclave reformed and Russell’s death.

Dark Science – John dies, Bill and Oscar join the team, Artemis is unleashed, Skylark is revealed, the West is visited, Megaton is invaded and Centurion’s death.

Old World Shadows – The three superpowers of the Wastes battle for ultimate control, but what is the Talon’s secret weapon? Why are the Brotherhood so interested in Vault 116? And what does Isaac Lamb want?

Futureshock – Dr. Zimmer has a job for the Cavliers, but will the Institute stay standing long enough to pay up? And who is ‘The Gunslinger’?


Fallout AlexJones