Mercury, The Operator

Primordia's enigmatic messenger


Mercury (real name unknown), better known to outsiders as The Operator, was a high-ranking Primordia operative. He was a bald man in a sharp suit with a red tie, distinguishing himself from many denizens of the Wastes, who acted as the communicative arm of Primordia, making contact with mercenaries and soldiers to organise their distribution throughout the D.C. area. He was responsible for contacting the founding members of the Crimson Cavaliers, though once they grew suspicious of the organisation’s motives they turned against them, forcing Mercury to organise the Sharks against them.

He was eventually captured, tortured and killed by the Cavaliers as they attempted to extract vital information about Primordia from him. As it became clear that he was unbreakable, James Flint shot him in the head.

He had the Primordia logo tattooed to the back of his neck.

Mercury, The Operator

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